Issue Three


Everything I see is elixir here, the galaxy of innocence couldn’t be perfect anymore else than this. My dreams are parallelly moving. No obstructions to collide with them. How happy I am as a child. Stars, moons and blue sky are embracing each other. The children of my age, purest than the sage, running to and fro circling the Eden, with their eyes shimmering in joy. Is it a dream or I am in reality? I pinch my skin again and again. Though the tempting ambience didn’t let me go. The dreamland I call it. Residing betwixt the wall of my subconscious and conscious mind, and I try to halt there as much as I can. Hopping through the land of joy and no tint of fear and tensions. But my dream breaks, and I fall into the land of reality. Where I find myself as a grown up vagabond; no stories to cheer and no happiness to share. All I wish now to end up landing back to my dreamland. Where my tender fingers draw the pictures of nature, and I giggle in the ecstasy of winning the world on my tiny grip.

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